Bo's memorial
(Bo Adlerbert)
Written by Nils Adler, Toronto, Canada .

Bo seems to have many interests and even sufferings

Cornell University.
Bo started his studies at Uppsala University in Sweden in the faculty of medicine. However his interests were such that he chooses to follow in his fathers Axel's footsteps, who successfully run a dairy operation, which was started by Axel and his mother Johanna. For this reason Bo wanted to have an education covering the dairy venture as well as farm economy. This combination in studies was not available in Sweden in a rational way. He applied to Cornell University and was accepted and graduated 1935. Cornell University has always been closed to his heart and after what is known he fonded a professor position in economy. Bo took actively part in reunions at Cornell and was understood to have some advisory functions at the university. He was warmly attached with the old school and is believed to have been an inspiration to his sister Elna to start her studies at Cornell.

Dairy production
Bo's intentions after completion of his studies were to return to Sweden and start working with his father at Arla Dairy, which had become a successful enterprise. However during his time at Cornell dairy farmers in western Sweden wanted to start cooperative dairy productions of there own and with support of the governing political party and threats of non deliveries Arla dairy changed hands. Bo therefore stayed in USA and bought three milk dairies in New Jersey and delivered dairy products to households in Hillside. This enterprise expanded further into Sunrise Dairy. He operated successfully this dairy for 30 years and sold out to the competition in the mid sixties and 1966 he and Bobbie (Barbara) left New Jersey and moved to Vermont.

Skiing and the Swedish ski club in New York.
Bo participated in various Swedish organisations in New York. Two of these were The Swedish Trade Commission and the Swedish Ski club. He enjoyed especially his cross-country skiing. My brother Lars and others has said that Bo was never happier than when he was on skis. Bo brought new life to this club and having sold the dairy he suggested to the ski club that he should search for a suitable place at a reasonable price to the club, which then would be a permanent home for the skiing Swedes. Bo travelled and searched and found the house in Chester. He become so enchanted in the place that he suggested that he himself should purchase the estate but make available the facility to the club members during the ski season. Bohus became a much-loved retreat to all the club members.

House and gardens.
Already in New Jersey Bo built a charming and itemed house. He was much proud of the home and was continuously improving house and garden. When Bo 1966 moved to Chester he had much more time and it is said he rebuilt Bohus several times. We who had the pleasure to visit were much impressed with the enormous amount of work he put into the place. As things developed he planed for a new house on the property. With Lorles input the new place became a conceptual masterpiece.

Bo was a sincere and active member of Rotary. He had much honouree position within the Rotary organisation and represented Rotary at different times in Europe as in America.

This was a warmly embraced political vision. The party had once or several times elected Bo as candidate to the American senate. He participated articles and in conferences, both in America and Europe. His interest in the family in the broadest sense. Bo did not want to be the chairman or director of the family association. Reasons being that he was an ocean away from the centre of the main body of the family. Of the members of the association, Bo was the one who was most interested. Under all the years my brother Lars has been on the board, Bo has been in a continuous mode of correspondence with the board. He wrote in appreciation over actions with which he agreed and questioned others and suggested alternatives and disagreements were always resolved with adjustments to opinions.

Bo was outstanding in his efforts to contribute person histories of many members of the association. He particularly wrote about his father Axel and interpreted his work and thoughts. Bo later found a shorter self-biography of Axel. He wrote about many of the American relatives and got others to do the same thing. Bo donated monies to the association and topped it up from time to time. Bo had a strong interest in the scholarship fund and stressed that only applicants with financial shortfalls should be considered. Many association members had a different view. Bo strived for closer contacts with the American extension of the family and aggressively started and established the American arm of the family. He actively participated in the triannual family meetings in Sweden supporting the board and provided the unifying sense of the members. It is difficult to comprehend that the family association will ever have a more interested member than Bo.