USA 2002
USA 2002
Here is the jolly group that convened in Westford for our AAA gathering in 2002. 29 wonderful people from as far away as France and Canada.
From left to right, Bottom Row: Eric Judd, Mary Jo Johnson, Bryanna Sweezey, Richard (Dick) Hugo, Eleanor Hugo, Amy Hugo holding daughter Brooke, Conor Smith, Melissa Buono (our Lutheran minister), Betsy Down, Stephen Down (father of Sat Hari Khalsa),
Second Row, Karina Sweezey Judd (behind Eric), Sat Hari Khalsa, Deborah Johnson, Chrissie Bell, Maya Travaglia (soon to be married to Charles Hugo), Charles (Chuck) Hugo, Andy Hugo holding his daughter Abigail, Brenda Smith, Joan MacNamara (our son Sanford's "friend"), Sanford Johnson, Danielle Johnson, Richard (Dick) Johnson, Nils Adler and Rebecca Stotland.
Thanks to everyone who came and those who could not for trying. It was a great day all around.
Best Wishes & Love to All
Mary Jo & Ron