Below you find 89 photos taken during the Reunion 2003.
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The Reunion was attended by 116 guests, of those were two born this year,John E and Olivia G!
AAA Photo
Before dinner
Before dinner
Gala Dinner
Adéle is dancing
Adéle E and Ulf B
Carina G G, Anders B, Erikka A
Ĺsa W Enar E, Anna C - E, Ulla B
Elin A
Table 3
Table 3
Lena B
Kletzmer music
Nils B, Lena B
Patricia and Tinna H, Clara W - A
Rebecca S., Nils A, Claes H.
Corinne H., Peter E.
Poster made of Alan A
Poster made of Alan A
Foto made of Anna L
Lasse's juvels
Wonderful cat! The artist is Sofia G
Tove A's art
Barbro A
Charlotte A
Axel H
Clara H
Emma H
Anna H
Rolf H
Family H
Oscar G
Sofia G
Linda G
Henrik G
Andreas G
Linda G, mother to Olivia G
Karin F, born Gesang Gottowt
John G G
Robin G G
Theo Munther, son of John G G
Joel L, son of John G G
Clara G G
Carina G G
Zeb G G
Sanna-Lisa G G
Anna P
Karl A A
Martin A
Katarina A
Isabella A
Rebecca A
Mattias H
Theodor H/a>
Staffan P
Karin E and Jens L
Petronella and Per E
Olof and John E
Johanna N and Olof E
Enar E
Danielle J
Dick J, Ingegerd A
Ingegerd A
Per W
Christoffer A
Nils A
Hernan C
Petter K
Birgitta E
Anna E
Marie B and Peter E
Claes W
Corinne H, Peter E
Elisabeth M, Dag's wife this year?
Elna W Siri A
Elna W
Anders B
John E with his mother Johanna
Harriet W
Adam W and cousin Jon W
Jon W, grandchild to Harriet W
Maxwell A, son of James and Ebba A
Michael L, Vera L's boyfriend
Lars B
Jens L and Lars A